Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Einstein 6 DVDs Set

Get ready to blast off with the premiere of DISNEY'S LITTLE EINSTEINS™! Created by Disney and the award-winning Baby Einstein Company, this all-new movie will take your child on a thrilling musical adventure in the real world in order to complete an important mission and learn along the way.

Each episode contains music by a single classical musicians, art from one artist, and one storyline. The theme song is well-written and very catchy causing even adults to hum along.

This show is aimed at preschoolers, teaching one main lesson and several mini lessons in each show. The big focus at the beginning and end of each show is on the introduction of the music and art. And then the characters thank that audience for doing such a good job.

The four young multicultural children Leo, Annie, Quincy and June are joined by Rocket, who never talks but is animated. Each child has a special love. June loves to dance, Quincy loves instruments, Leo, who happens to be Annie's big brother, loves to conduct music. Finally, Annie is the resident singer. The characters, music, and art mesh well together for an entertaining show for the preschooler in your house. If your child loved Baby Einstein, this show is the next logical step in learning, and it is done very well.

The Ultimate Little Einstein Collection Pack comes with complete with 6 Dvd titles, featuring :

#1. Our Big Huge Adventure
Leo, June, Quincy, and Anne - take off in their musical flying craft, Rocket, to explore some of the amazing places of North America. They travel to Niagara Falls, the caves of Oklahoma, and the lush forests of Mexico, all while singing and dancing to a series of melodic and catchy songs.

#2. Team Up for Adventure
Take a whirlwind voyage around the globe; experience close encounters with a bald eagle, an erupting volcano, and friendly whales to learn how teamwork can save the day. As a member of the team, you'll sing, clap, pat, dance, laugh, and problem solve right along with the Little Einsteins. With its revolutionary blend of animation, stunning live action footage, and exciting classical music, Team Up For Adventure will have you eager to blast off on the next magical, musical mission of discovery!

#3. Mission Celebration
Put on your hat, grab your goodie bag and get ready to blast off! You're invited to a party where the guest of honour is YOU. Climb aboard Rocket with June, Leo, Quincy and Annie for a rootin'-tootin' time in the Wild West. Meet playful penguins in Antarctica as you search for runaway balloons, and travel all the way to Italy on an expedition to bring home a magical machine that makes today everyone's birthday! Mission Celebration! is your invitation to the biggest, best, most amazing party ever.

#4. The Legend of the Golden Pyramid
The Legend of the Gold Pyramid is a triple-length adventure featuring a DVD premiere episode. The musical missions include a gold harp, a dragon kite and a little toy plane, and preschool audiences are invited to help. From the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the wondrous wall of China and beyond, it’s excitement and adventure at every turn. Included are: “The Legend of the Golden Pyramid” – Quincy finds a harp that plays a song that can open up anything. The harp has a picture of a golden pyramid on it. The team makes it their mission to find out who lives inside the golden pyramid. It’s off to Egypt, as the team and Rocket go through the Egyptian desert, take a trip down the Nile and visit the Sphinx to find the golden pyramid. Once they open the pyramid with the golden harp, the team gets to have a dance party with the ancient hieroglyphics inside.

#5. Rocket's Firebird Rescue
Before you can say Blast Off! The Little Einsteins are zooming through the sky in a new movie that's jam-packed with action, music, magic and fun. Besides Rocket, what's big, red and can fly? Meet Rocket's new friend: the mysterious Firebird! She sprinkles magical music power everywhere she flies, filling the world with beauty and joy. But when a mean ogre captures Firebird, it's up to Rocket, Leo, June, Quincy and Annie to travel all the way to Russia to set her free and bring music back to the world. Soar over the golden spires of a Byzantine palace. Discover St. Petersburg, and explore snowy Siberia, where you'll meet a freshwater baby seal and much more. Remember, only with your help -- singing, dancing, and playing instruments -- can the Little Einsteins complete their mission and save the day. Inspired by the music of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird ballet and filled with messages of teamwork, friendship and compassion, ROCKET'S FIREBIRD RESCUE is a magical journey you and your preschooler will want to experience together again and again!

#6. Race for Space ***New***
Rev up Rocket and soar full speed ahead into action-packed, music-powered adventures! Join Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket on a mission to rescue the Three Little Piggies when their airplanes spin out of control. Can Rocket fly fast enough and far enough to bring the Piggies all the way home? Only with your help! Journey with the Little Einsteins as they zoom to outer space on their most thrilling voyage ever! Then, get ready to race around the globe against the world's greatest flying machines. But look out! Big Jet is up to his old tricks, and he?ll do anything to win the trophy. Whether your preschooler is exploring the ancient city of Machu Picchu, whooshing past stars and planets, or searching for hidden treasure in Hawaii, Race For Space is a first-class ticket to nonstop entertainment you can enjoy together!

All DVD's are Brand New in individual box. All 6 titles are Not sold seperately.

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