Monday, September 1, 2008

Beauty and the Beast 2 DVDs Set

The timeless tale of Belle, the beautiful and intelligent girl kept prisoner in the castle of a mysterious beast who must somehow win her love if he is to regain his princely form. Features the voices of Robby Benson, Angela Lansbury and David Ogden Stiers. Academy Award Nominations: 6, including Best Picture, Best Song ("Be Our Guest"), Best Song ("Belle"). Academy Awards: Best Song ("Beauty and the Beast").

#1. Theatrical Version
Bonus Feature -
1. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Special Edition - Includes a New Musical Sequence
2. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Work in Progress Edition - Version Shown at the 1991 New York Film Festival.

#2. Supplementary Material
Featurette -
1. "The Story Behind the Story" - Celebrities Tell the Stories Behind Disney Classics
2. "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Broadway Musical"
3. Disney's Enchanted Environments
4. Disney's Animation Magic
5. Bringing the Story to the Screen

Platinum Edition/Special Edition - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 2 Disc Set.

Price: RM 78 (including postage)

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