Monday, September 1, 2008

Aladdin 2 DVDs Set

Aladdin is a magic carpet ride of non-stop entertainment and the most spectacular animated adventure of all time! Outrageuosly funny, furiously fast-paced and packed with dazzling surprises. Aladdin won two Academy Awards for Best Song ('A Whole New World') and Best Score. Our hero Aladdin is a street-smart peasant who with one rub of a magic lamp meets up with the most hip, hilarious and totally unpredictable Genie (voiced by Robin Williams) the screen has ever seen. But the evil sorcerer Jafar, also craves the lamp's power. If Aladdin is to defeat him and win the love of the free-spirited Princess Jasmine, he must learn to be himself - and that's one wish the Genie can't grant!

Additional Release Material:
Featurettes -
1. "Proud of Your Boy" - Deleted Song
2. "Aladdin's Magic Carpet" - Disney's Virtual DVD Ride
3. "Inside the Genie's Lamp"
4. "Genie's Magical Journey"
5. Music Videos
6. Deleted Scenes
7. "ALADDIN Art Review"
8. The Making of ALADDIN
9. "Sing Along Songs"
Games -
1. "The Bizarre Bazaar Game"
2. "Fun Fact Trivia Track"

Platinum Edition/Special Edition - ALADDIN 2 Disc Set.

Price: RM 78 (including postage)

Please contact me if interested.